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1-How can i get a bag sample and how long it will take?
Minkobag: We offer OEM and ODM service, it mean you can send us your design or choose our design, confirm the materials, color and metal then we will process the samples. Normally take 5-7 days.

2-How can i place the order?
Minkobag: You can send us the official PO after confirming handbags samples, our team will purchase materials according to your order.

3-Does your bag have quality guarantee?
Minkobag: Every handbags enjoy 6 months quality guarantee, so you do not have any quality compliant.

4-How long can i receive the bulk?
Minkobag: Usually will take 30-40 days, but we can make the fast production for you in 15 days if all materials are available.

5-Do you have MOQ?
Minkobag: 50-200 pcs are available, we will do the best to give you a support at the first beginning to ensure your business grow faster.

6-How many bags can you produce per month?
Minkobag: We can produce more than 70,000 pieces per month, including handbags, wallets, belt or duffle bag.

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